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Lyla is everything that the contemporary Indian woman has ever wanted. With her head in the clouds but feet firmly rooted in the ground, she knows that fashion is much more than just wearing pretty clothes. It’s equally about reflecting your personality as about making an impact in the society we live in.

With this thought at the crux of Lyla, we offer ethnic wear that’s sustainable, ethical and compliments the individuality of one wearing it. Our each piece is carefully crafted to accentuate the beauty, silhouette, and well-being of what we call, ‘The Beautiful Modern Indian Woman’.

What differentiates us from the crowd is our usage of pure cotton and mulmul fabrics that burst with life when paired with hand-block prints and traditional embroideries. Taking pride in rich heirloom heritage of our country, we strive to create opportunities for Indian artisans while making our women feel like they’re wearing a piece of art.

Cotton Kantha Kurta with 2 Prints

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Cotton Kantha Kurta with 2 Prints

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